One Plus Care

VC Drip

Moisturizing VC beauty essence that leads to firm and smooth skin

Carefully selected 7 types of vitamin C, with different characteristics to care for skin problems caused by various factors such as dryness and friction caused by UV rays. It tightens the skin with conspicuous pores and makes it smooth and soft.

Capacity: 30mL

Pores Dullness Rough skin
  • For complex skin problems with 7 kinds of vitamin C

    Seven kinds of carefully selected vitamin C work on multiple skin problems caused by multiple causes such as excessive sebum secretion, dryness, and friction, leading to firm and smooth skin.


    Moisturizing VC

    Bottom up VC

    Clear VC

    Bisglyceryl ascorbic acid, glyceryl ascorbic acid

    Ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, ascorbyl palmitate 3Na

    Ascorbic glucoside, 3-0-ethylascorbic acid, ascorbic acid

  • Moisturize and tighten with multi-pore formula

    Contains two types of ingredients, such as Jiaogulan leaf extract, which survives powerfully in harsh environments . Moisturizes and tightens the skin, which is worrisome about dryness and conspicuous pores.


    Jiaogulan leaf extract, glyceryl glucoside

  • For glossy skin that does not repeat troubles, with 5 kinds of red vitamin extract compounded

    Charge energy full of vitality with a “tightly condensed” vital blend. It also contains CICA to prevent rough skin due to dryness. It leads to beautiful skin full of elasticity and luster.

  • Familiarize with it and fill it up. Discerning texture

    Although it has a moisturizing texture, it is not sticky and fits smoothly on the skin.
    A moisturizing VC beauty essence that can be used comfortably and stress-free every day.

How to use

2 pumps per use. Use in the morning and evening (twice a day) for about one month.


Bisglyceryl ascorbic acid, Glyceryl ascorbic acid, Ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, Ascorbyl palmitate 3Na, Ascorbic glucoside, 3-0-Ethylascorbic acid, Ascorbic acid, Jiaogulan leaf extract, Glyceryl glucoside