CEO Message


Designing a future of beauty, health and medical care.

Since the 90’s, the antennas of beauty-conscious women have spread all over the world.

In Japan, it is not allowed to be added to cosmetics, and more and more people are
purchasing functional cosmetics containing “state-of-the-art beauty ingredients” that
are not available. However, it is a cosmetic product for Westerners. Many people say
that it does not suit the delicate skin of Japanese people. Takase, the founder, thought.

Isn’t it possible to make functional cosmetics with reliable quality that does not burden
the skin while blending advanced ingredients? Due to Japanese law at that time, the
path was extremely difficult, but we conducted research with dermatologists and
various institutions and focused on stable formulation of ingredients that were said to
be difficult to incorporate into cosmetics.

It was in 2003, a few years after the start of development, that we launched a new
concept cosmetic product “new stable hydroquinone-containing beauty cream” that
no one had ever seen before. We will explore cutting-edge ingredients without being
bound by conventional frameworks, and realize innovations in beauty and health with
reliable quality.

It has been the same attitude of Highside Co., Ltd. since its establishment.

Chairman & CEO

Highside Corporation, Ltd

Takehide Takase