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A beauty essence-inspired concealer that combines high coverage and daytime skin care effects [SPF50 + / PA ++++].

While firmly hiding the spots, this essence concealer intensively care for one point that is worrisome about the new stable hydroquinone.

Capacity: 7g

Hide stains Care for stains UV Cut
  • “Erase” stains with a single coat.

    Hydroquinone-containing concealer for daytime stain care

    “I want to take intensive care during the day while hiding the spots I care about!” A new concept concealer was born to fulfill the wishes of such women.

    Contains AMPLEUR’s original “new stable hydroquinone” with excellent brightening effect. While instantly making stains inconspicuous, we thoroughly and intensively care for one point of concern.

    I wanted such a concealer! 3 in 1 concealer
    1. Hide stains
    2. Care for spots
    3. UV cut

    AMPLEUR’s original design “Skin Fit Powder Prescription”

    A fluffy and light texture is achieved by “skin fit powder formulation” that combines three types of powders with different shapes to improve adhesion.

    With a single coat, you can achieve a thick coat and a beautiful finish without unevenness.

  • Covers spots and uneven color with a single coat for a bare-skin finish

    AMPLEUR’s unique color blend covers dark spots, dark circles, and uneven colors that cannot be covered by foundation alone.

  • Intensive care for one point that is worrisome even during the day with “new stable hydroquinone” combination.

    Contains AMPLEUR’s original “new stable hydroquinone” that works on the one point that has been created.

    Along with the “W Clear Ingredient”, which is a carefully selected brightening ingredient, intensive care is given to one point of concern while covering the stains while wearing.

    Brightening ingredient

    • New stable hydroquinone
    • W clear ingredient

    α-lipoic acid, vitamin C derivative, cicon extract, licorice flavonoid

    Moisturizing ingredients

    • Penetrating collagen
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • 3 types of ceramide
  • Japan’s highest standard “SPF50 + / PA ++++”

    Shuts out the cause of stains and ultraviolet rays

    Two kinds of fine particle UV cut powder protects the skin without gaps. The highest standard in Japan [SPF50 + / PA ++++], protects the skin from UV rays that cause blemishes.

    A non-chemical formulation that does not burden the skin.

How to use

Use it before or after applying foundation. Apply a small amount of tip to the part you want to cover, such as spots and bears, and gently apply it to your skin with your fingers.


New stabilized hydroquinone, α-lipoic acid, Vitamin C derivative, Cicon extract, Licorice flavonoid, Penetrating collagen, Hyaluronic acid, 3 types of ceramide