One Plus Care

Face Powder

Face powder for adults that beautifully attracts bare skin.

A luxurious blend of 11 types of beauty ingredients. Instantly covers dullness, pores and fine wrinkles while keeping your skin healthy. A powdery beauty essence with silky fine white skin. Completed with SPF35 / PA ++ to protect the skin from the UV light.

Capacity: 10g

Base care Dullness skin Pores
  • Makeup effect

    AMPLEUR original blend with silky fine white skin, due to makeup effect.

    Stroboscopic effect

    One-tone bright skin with a single application A star-shaped “Shiny Star Powder” that evenly specularly reflects light in all directions and a plate-shaped powder with the surface cut without dents are blended. It gives a silky high-quality luster and instantly removes dullness.

    Soft focus effect

    Camouflage pores and fine wrinkles Designed with multiple powders with different reflection angles and reflected light in a multi-layer thin film structure. Lights uneven shadows such as pores and fine wrinkles to make them inconspicuous.

    The lasting effect

    The morning finish continues all day long Porous powder adsorbs excess sweat and sebum on the skin to keep the skin clean and hard to collapse all day long. In addition, it does not dull even when it comes in contact with sweat or sebum, and bright skin continues.

  • Skin care effect A powdery beauty essence containing

    11 types of beauty ingredients

    Beauty Charge Essence (Essence effect)

    A skin care prescription designed for adult skin that is susceptible to damage such as UV rays and dryness. It constantly approaches while making up and nurtures bright and healthy skin.

    • Arbutin (Hydroquinone derivative) Arbutin is also contained in plants such as bearberry, wormberry, and pear. Gives skin a shine.
    • Vitamin C derivatives (labeled name: ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate)
    • Vitamin E (display name: tocopherol)
    • Vitamin A (labeled name: retinol palmitate)
    • Coenzyme Q10 (display name: ubiquinone)
    • Vitamin B6 (labeled name: pyridoxine dicaprylate)
    • α-lipoic acid (display name: thioctic acid)
    • Placenta extract

    W emollient powder (moisturizing effect)

    • Hyaluronic acid and squalane, which have a high moisturizing effect, are included in the powder itself. From the moment it is applied, the two ingredients gradually overflow on the skin and adhere to each other so that they melt into the skin. It forms a moisturizing film and keeps your skin moisturized without feeling dry all day long.

    Amino acid powder (water retention effect)

    • Amino acid (label name: lauroyl lysine), which is the main component of natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which is indispensable for retaining moisture in the skin, is blended as a powder as it is. A thin hexagonal powder fits the skin tightly and keeps the skin moisturized.

How to use

Please use it after conditioning the skin with skin care, or for finishing or redressing foundations.

Take an appropriate amount of powder on a special puff and apply it to your entire face by gently pressin

* Please do not throw away the transparent film in the compact until the end.


11 Beauty Ingredients: Lauroylcin, Squalane, Pyridoxine Dicaprylate, Ubiquinone, Arbutin, Thioctic acid, Placenta extract, Retinol palmitate, Sodium hyaluronate, Ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, Tocopherol.