Luxury White W Protect UV Tone Up

Luxury White

W Protect UV Tone Up

Evolutionary tone-up UV, a highly functional sunscreen that protects the skin from environmental stress such as PM2.5 and pollen while preventing rough skin as well as the highest level of UV protection in Japan [SPF50 + / PA ++++].

The pink skin-beautifying barrier naturally covers blemishes and dullness (due to the make-up effect on this sunscreen), and it is beautifully arranged from the three directions of tone-up, skin care, and protection, and the transparency that emits light from the inside continues all day long.

Capacity: 30g

UV Care Dullness skin Dryness skin Spots
  • Light make-up is completed with one.

    Naturally covers dullness and skin problems (due to the make-up effect on this sunscreen). Keeps translucent skin. The petal-like powder diffusely reflects light to make the skin look brighter, and absorbs sebum to prevent it from collapsing and keep the morning finish all day long.

    Pink beige cream wipes out dullness and gives a sense of transparency and complexion. Also as a makeup base.

  • Supports the barrier function with skin care ingredients that prevent rough skin, making the skin strong and stable

    Maintain the original healthy barrier function. It leads to moisturized and transparent skin throughout the application.


    Dry care

    Rough skin prevention



    Coix seed fermented liquid, Moist barrier complex

    CICA (Centella asiatica extract)

    Penetrating collagen, placenta extract

    Evening Primrose Seed Extract

  • Multi-protection prescription that protects translucent bare skin from external damage such as environmental stress

    It is a multi-protection formulation that thoroughly blocks ultraviolet rays UV-A and UV-B, and protects the skin from environmental stress caused by air pollutants such as PM2.5, pollen, and dust, as well as drying with blue light.

    Blue light measures

    Air pollution control


    Repair-D (Plankton Extract) AP Barrier (Ergothioneine, Moringa oleifera seed extract

  • Smoothly spreads and adheres to rough skin. Gentle UV with non-chemical formulation

    A texture that fits comfortably on rough skin.

    It is a non-chemical formula that is easy to use even when the skin is weak, and can be easily turned off with the usual facial cleanser.

How to use

In the morning, at the end of skin care, take an appropriate amount and spread it evenly over your face.

*If you sweat or wipe your skin with a towel, reapply it frequently.


Coix seed fermented liquid, Moist barrier complex, Centella asiatica extract, Penetrating collagen, Placenta extract, Evening primrose seed extract, Lutein, Plankton extract, AP Barrier (Ergothionine, Moringa oleifera seed extract).