Luxury White Concentrate HQ110

Luxury White

Concentrate HQ110

Luxury White Concentrate HQ110, a concentrated beauty essence for the night. Serious skin care with the highest concentration of “new stable hydroquinone” microencapsulated by AMPLEUR’s original research in the series.

By blending “new stable hydroquinone” in high concentration and enclosing it in microcapsules, it works on the skin throughout the night.

The special gel sticks tightly, aiming at the “one point of concern” that you have given up, and intensive care. It leads to confident bare skin.

Capacity: 11mL

Spots Freckles
  • Microencapsulation of New Stable Hydroquinone.

    A new stable hydroquinone wrapped in “BCDAC”, a substance that protects hydroquinone from the effects of light and heat and stabilizes its properties.

    AMPLEUR succeeded in further microencapsulation. It is blended with the concentrated beauty essence at the highest concentration in the series to achieve both a powerful skin care effect and gentleness to the skin at a high level.

    For those who have troubles:

    • Always using concealar to overcoating the spots on face
    • Spots that appeared on both cheeks before and after childbirth
  • Intensive Care With A Time Lag.

    Hydroquinone is released while the microcapsules are sleeping, and stays in the area of ​​concern for intensive care.

    While controlling the power and speed of the ingredients, it works pinpointly on the parts that need care.

    Time difference action
    1. The microcapsules dispersed in the special silicon gel gradually start the disintegration action in the stratum corneum.
    2. The “new stable hydroquinone” released from the microcapsules loses the “stable component BCDAC” with a time lag, becoming hydroquinone itself.
    3. Intensive care for areas of concern one after another with a time lag while maintaining the original ingredients of hydroquinone, which has a high effect.
  • Supporting Ingredients That Support Work

    Together with the new stable hydroquinone, it stops the chain of worries and gives the skin a radiant glow.

    Support ingredient

    Alpha-lipoic acid / muscle conditioning

    Power far surpassing vitamins C and E. Familiar with supplements.

    Bisabolol / Moisturizer

    The main component of chamomile, which is also used in herbal tea and aromatherapy.

    Licorice flavonoids / moisturizer

    An extract obtained from the roots and rhizomes of licorice.

    Sikon Extract / Skin Conditioning

    Purple root extract extracted from the roots of a perennial plant called purple root. It features a beautiful reddish purple color.

How to use

Use after washing your face at nighr but before applying skin lotion. Dispense the appropriate amount onto fingertips and apply to areas affected by age spots, then gently massage into the skin.

* Do not apply this product over your entire face. Use only for spot treatment.

* This product contains high concentrations of a new stabilized forms of hydroquinone. We recommend a patch test before use.


New Stabilized Hydroquinone, α-Lipoic Acid, Bisabolol, Licorice Flavonoid, Sikon Extract, Lithospermi Radix Extract.