Luxury White

To the ideal translucent bare skin that shines like you.

AMPLEUR ‘s whitening care series “Luxury White” is developed from a clinical perspective
based on dermatology and biology research . By fusing advanced beauty ingredients such as
New Stable Hydroquinone and Arbutin into a comfortable and effective formula, we approach not
only whitening (by suppress melanin production and prevents spot and freckles) but also all skin
problems that each person has.

Cleansing Milk N
Facial Wash
Washing Foam N

Spot concentrated serum
Concentrate HQ110

Brightening serum for the eyes
Concentrate eye

Lotion AO II

Brightening serum
Active Clear D

Aging whitening serum

Cosmetology emulsion gel
Emulsion Gel EX (50g)

Medicinal whitening cream
Day & Night Cream


Sunscreen serum
W Protect UV+

Sunscreen serum
W Protect UV TONE UP

Essence concealer
Concealer HQ

Hand cream
Hand Cream

Trial kit
Trial Kit