Luxury De-Age

Rejulution V

Serum takes you to the source of youthful-looking skin.

It rejuvenates aging skin from the foundations, attacking visible pores and sagging and leaving the skin looking smoother and firmer.

Capacity: 32mL

Dryness skin Pores Wrinkle Sagging Fine lines
  • The Advanced “Cell Activate V Formula” That Approaches the Root of Youthfulness.

    This formula completed by AMPLEUR to tackle the decline of the dermis from the ground up. In addition to GF that supports the skin’s original self-renewal power and plant stem cells (argansel extract) that keep the cells themselves young, we focus on “autophagy” that enhances the intracellular condition to improve the skin’s original regeneration and repair power. Contains “self-maintenance peptide” to pull out.

    The interaction of the three aging care ingredients has realized the ultimate lifting care that lifts each cell plumply.

    1. Self-maintenance peptide
    2. GF (growth factor)
    3. Plant stem cell argan cell extract
  • Supports Age Skin Problems From All Directions.

    The selected beauty ingredients approach the problems of age skin from all directions and optimize the regeneration / repair system for the entire skin. It confronts factors such as oxidation, saccharification, and dryness that cause new damage, and promotes the reincarnation of youthful skin.

    Support ingredient

    Muscle component

    1. HGF、IGF
    2. Cell biofactor (yeast extract / alteromonas fermented extract)
    3. TRX
    4. Epigallocatechin gallate
    5. Carnosine, horse chestnut extract, broadleaf plantain seed extract

    Muscle component

    1. DMAE
    2. Gravity control peptide

    Moisturizing ingredients

    1. Na hyaluronate, triple ceramide (ceramide 1, 3, 6II)
  • Rich Texture That is Familiar to The Skin.

    Thick beauty essence penetrates deep into the skin speedily. It blends in with the skin and gives a strong firmness.

How to use

In the morning and evening, after applying lotion, take an appropriate amount with a dropper and gently apply it from the entire face to the neck.


– Firm & Elasticity: Penetrating Collagen, Trehalose, Placenta Extract, Hyaluronic Acid.

– Cell Activation, Antioxidant, Promote Collagen Production: Plant Stem Cells (Argan Cell Extract), Ergothioneine, SOD, Centella Asiatica Extract, Gravity Control Peptides, Gold CL Active.

– Firm Skin: DMAE.