One Plus Care VC Sun Protect Spray

One Plus Care

VC Sun Protect Spray

UV blocking easily and quickly!
Vitamin C-containing sunscreen spray [SPF50+ / PA++++]

A spray-type sunscreen that is gentle on the skin while having the highest level of UV protection in Japan is now available. Not only does it block UV rays thoroughly with its high UV blocking power, but it also charges skin-beautifying energy with three types of vitamin C. UV care is applied to the entire body, leading to fresh and healthy skin.

Capacity: 70g

UV Protect Sunscreen spray Dryness skin
  • Easy-to-use spray type for whole body care

    A stress-free prescription that eliminates the discomfort peculiar to sunscreens such as stickiness, squeaky feeling, and whitening. It is a spray type that is fresh and light to use, and you can easily take UV care for the whole body when you notice not only the place where you are easily sunburned, but also the hair, scalp, and back that is hard to reach. Although it is a waterproof type, no special cleansing is required. You can remove it with your usual soap or body soap.

  • The strongest UV protection, yet gentle on the skin

    The defense power of the domestic highest standard “SPF50 + / PA ++++” that protects the skin from the intense ultraviolet rays of summer just by spraying it. It strongly blocks UV-B, which causes sunburn, as well as UV-A, which reaches the dermis and causes photoaging such as wrinkles and firmness. In addition, while achieving a high UV cut effect, consideration is given to irritation to the skin. The UV blocking agent is coated with silk-derived ingredients so that it does not come into direct contact with the skin, so it does not burden delicate skin.

  • Contains skin-beautifying ingredients that rejuvenate summer skin

    Three types of vitamin C derivatives and natural energy ingredients charge beautiful skin energy to summer skin that has been damaged by UV rays such as dryness. Gives fresh moisture.

    Vitamin C complex boasting multi-skin-beautifying power.

    Contains three vitamin C derivatives that are expected to have multiple skin-beautifying effects such as moisturizing, maintaining elasticity and elasticity, and suppressing sebum secretion.

    Natural energy blend (moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients) that balances summer skin Contains plant-derived ingredients with excellent moisturizing effect. Each interaction leads to fresh and moisturized skin.


    Rosemary leaf extract

    High concentration of polyphenols.

    Chamomile flower extract

    A flower extract that has been useful for maintaining good health for over 4,000 years.

    Placenta extract / osmotic collagen / hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient)

    Extracted from plants of the Umbelliferae family. Promotes damage care and leads to healthy skin.

    Licorice-derived extract derivative

    Uses an extract extracted from licorice root, whose effect has been known for a long time.

    Japanese knotweed root extract

    It prepares the texture of the skin and protects it. Resveratrol is also abundant.

    Carbonization extract

    Extract obtained from tea leaves. Covers sweat and sebum odors.

  • Water retention support ingredients keep moisture

    Hyaluronic Acid / Penetrating Collagen / Lipidure® holds moisture from the inside and outside of the skin and keeps the skin fresh and moisturized.

    Vitamin citrus scent filled with vitamin-rich fruits

    A fresh scent of pink grapefruit and orange with a squeeze of lime. Every time I spray it, I feel refreshed.

How to use

Shake the can up and down well, keep it 10 to 20 cm away from your skin, and spray it so that it does not become uneven. It can also be used upside down. When using it on the face, take it on the palm of your hand and then spread it little by little.

* If you sweat or wipe your skin with a towel, reapply it frequently.

* When removing it, wash it off carefully with soap or the like.

* Can also be used for body & hair.


3 types of Vitamin C (VCIP, Ascorbyl glucoside, Bis-glyceryl ascorbate), Rosemary leaf extract, Chamomile flower extract, Centella asiatica extract, Licorice-derived extract derivative, Japanese knotweed root extract, Tea carbonization extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Penetrating Collagen, Lipidure®.