One Plus Care Cleansing balm

One Plus Care

Cleansing Balm

Poreless – Rich silky balm that cleanses your bare skin conspicuous pores that give a dull impression. “Balm” -shaped cleansing that firmly removes melanin keratin and sebum, which are the root causes. It has a high cushioning property, does not give friction, and removes makeup and dirt from the back of pores.

Rinsing is speedy and there is no skin residue. Contains plenty of beauty essence ingredients such as vitamin cocktails and “CICA” to prevent rough skin, leading to bright and lustrous skin while washing.

Capacity: 80g

Pores Dullness
  • “Fermented Melting Prescription” that clears all the conspicuous pores that block the transparency

    Note that the dull impression begins with “melanin accumulation around the pores”. While removing make-up with our original “fermented melting formula”, it dissolves excess sebum along with old keratin containing melanin and is all clear. Stop the plugging process without growing “square plug eggs”. Pore-less translucent bare skin continues.

    Fermented melting formula

    Loosen melanin dead skin and turn off [Fermented peeling ingredients]

    Fermented pear extract, fermented chardone juice, fermented fig extract, fermented royal jelly, yeast extract

    Remove sebum (blackheads) [Melting oil]

    Sugar squalane, olive oil

    [Plugging process]

  • Prevents rough skin and makes the skin bright and lustrous.

    Essence ingredient 84% combination.

    Vitamin cocktails condition the skin and give it a brightening effect (moisturizes and leads to a bright skin impression), giving the entire skin a sense of transparency (gives skin gloss and smoothness).

    CICA prevents rough skin and prepares skin that tends to be unstable in mask life to be healthy and smooth.



    Rough skin prevention


    Vitamin Cocktail (Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E)

    CICA (Centella asiatica leaf / stem extract), Moringa oleifera seed extract

    Triple ceramide, water-soluble collagen

  • Finely fluffy and light melting texture

    The rich balm changes to a tortoise at the temperature of the skin. With a light touch, it is familiar to makeup and turns off while caring for the skin without giving friction.

    With the scent of herbal citrus, which is a blend of more than 10 kinds of herbs and citrus aroma, it relaxes your feelings with your skin.

How to use

Take a cherry grain size with a spatula on a dry palm, warm it lightly with the palm, and blend it well with the makeup. When it turns into oil, add water to emulsify it and rinse it thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.


Vitamin Cocktail (Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E), CICA (Centella asiatica leaf / stem extract), Moringa oleifera seed extract, Triple ceramide, water-soluble collagen.