Luxury White W Protect UV Plus

Luxury White

W Protect UV Plus

A highly functional sunscreen that not only has the highest level of UV protection in Japan (SPF50 +/PA++++, sunscreen with the highest standard value in Japan in the index display of UV protection effect (SPF / PA)), but also measures against air pollution and blue light. Blocking the causes of skin aging that falls during the day.

Capacity: 30 g

UV Care Dullness skin Dullness skin Spots
  • An ideal sunscreen with a high SPF value and freshness is born!

    “The higher the UV protection, the more burden and discomfort you have on your skin …” AMPLEUR researched all prescriptions to eliminate the difficulties peculiar to sunscreens with high SPF values.

    We have finally succeeded in developing an unprecedented sunscreen that is “SPF50 + / PA ++++” but fresh like a beauty essence.

    It shuts out the risk of skin mercilessly falling during the day, such as ultraviolet rays, which are considered to be the cause of skin aging, and protects youthful skin without damage.

  • Blue light measures are also added to the UV protection effect of the highest level in Japan!

    Ultraviolet rays (UV-A / UV-B)

    Sunscreen with the highest standard value in Japan in the index display (SPF / PA) of UV protection effect. Blocks all UV rays that cause skin aging such as wrinkles and firmness as well as spots and freckles! The UV blocking agent is coated so that it does not come into direct contact with the skin, so it does not burden delicate skin.

    Blue light

    In recent years, it has newly responded to “blue light,” which is said to affect not only the eyes but also the skin.

    A new formulation of lutein protects the skin from the formidable “photoaging” that can be inadvertently exposed from a computer or smartphone regardless of the season.


    Extracted from marigold-derived plants. Protects the skin from harmful light such as UV damage and blue light.

    What is blue light?

    Light with a wavelength of 380 to 500 nm (nanometers). The light of blue light reaches deeper into the skin and under the subcutaneous tissue than ultraviolet rays, causing pigmentation and causing spots and dullness. Display and lighting using LEDs such as personal computers and smartphones contain a lot of this blue light.

  • Further strengthen measures against “environmental stress” that accelerates skin aging!

    Atmospheric pollutants such as PM2.5, pollen, and exhaust gas can cause skin damage as well as ultraviolet rays. “Repair-D” and “AP Barrier” confront such environmental stress and keep your skin lively and youthful.


    Plankton extract

    Extract derived from marine plankton protects against damage such as drying by ultraviolet rays

    AP barrier


    A type of rare amino acid. Protects the health of the skin

    Moringa oleifera seed extract

    Extracted from the seeds of the tropical plant “Moringa (Moringa)”. Blocks air pollutants from adhering to the skin

  • A rich treatment formula that constantly nurtures beautiful skin while wearing

    Carefully selected skin care ingredients at the beauty serum level.

    It constantly approaches skin that tends to become rough due to severe external factors and aging, and enhances the beauty of the skin itself every time it is used.

    Dry care

    Moist Barrier Complex

    Ceramide, Lipidure®, Squalane

    Strengthens the barrier function for moisturized and healthy skin.


    Penetrating Collagen & Placenta Extract

    Leads skin that is worried about elasticity and loss of elasticity to soft and fluffy skin.


    Evening Primrose Seed Extract Brings out a radiant and transparent feeling to the skin.

  • “See-through veil”

    The see-through veil, which is so light and comfortably that you can forget even if you put it on, fits your skin moisturized. It is also recommended as a makeup base because it smoothes the skin like a beauty essence and enhances the foundation.

How to use

In the morning, at the end of skin care, take an appropriate amount and spread it evenly over your face. Please use it on your neck and back of your hands every day.

*If you sweat or wipe your skin with a towel, reapply it frequently.


Ceramide, Lipidure®, Squalane, High penetrating collagen, Placenta extract, Primrose seed exract, Plankton extract, Ergothineine, Moringa oleifera seed extract.