Luxury White

Hand Cream

The brilliance and beauty that dwells at your fingertips. Rose Premium Hand Cream. Condensed and blended with luxurious beauty ingredients comparable to skin care with fresh transparency and plump elasticity.

Protects hands with a highly moisturizing and highly adherent moisturizing barrier A premium hand cream that brings out a beautiful luster on aging hands is now available for a limited time!

Capacity: 40g

Dryness hand Fingertips care
  • Carefully wrap it in rich beauty essence ingredients for supple hands like high-quality silk

    “If you can do skin care for your hands as well as for your face …”

    In response to the voices of so many customers, AMPLEUR has created a hand cream that gives you luxurious white skin.

    A luxurious combination of “beauty essence ingredients” that lead to radiant and transparent hands and “aging care essence ingredients” that lead to firm and moist hands. A thick cream with high moisturizing and high adhesion spreads on the skin while melting, and adheres instantly.

    “Triple action base”

    When a thick cream containing shea butter and squalane is spread on the skin, it adheres to the skin so that it is integrated with the skin. It blends smoothly into the skin and wraps the hands with a moist veil that does not leave stickiness.

    Contains luxurious beauty essence ingredients comparable to skin care. It leads to clear and fluffy hands.

    Essence ingredient

    For radiant and transparent hands up to the fingertips

    Ferulic acid

    A type of polyphenol contained in rice bran. In addition to having excellent melanin production inhibitory and antioxidant effects, it is also known as a natural UV absorber.

    Vitamin C derivatives

    It thoroughly cares for melanin, which causes dark spots and dullness, and leads to bright and transparent hands.

    Placenta extract

    While giving fresh moisture and transparency, it enhances the original repairing power of the skin and leads to bright and lustrous hands.

    Muscle component

    For healthy hands

    Walteria Indica Leaf Extract

    Suppression of melanin production

    Glucosyl hesperidin

    Blood circulation promotion

    Stearyl glycyrrhetinate


    Aging care serum ingredient

    For firm, moist and beautiful hands


    Cyclic amino acids that are abundant in microorganisms that survive in extreme environments such as salt lakes and deserts. With excellent water retention, it protects the skin from environmental stress such as dryness and ultraviolet rays, and keeps it fresh.

    Osmotic collagen

    It protects the skin from dry damage and gives fluffy firmness to the aging hands.

    Damask rose flower water, centifolia rose flower extract

    With its high skin conditioning effect, it leads to firm and smooth hands while giving fresh moisture.

    Vitamin B12

    A vitamin that is indispensable for beautiful skin. The pink color of the cream comes from these vitamins.

  • A gorgeous luxury rose scent

    The image of a gorgeously blooming rose. The aroma full of happiness that makes the skin soothing is pleasantly scented.

Ferulic acid, Vitamin C derivatives, Placenta extract, Walteria Indica Leaf Extract, Glucosyl hesperidin, Stearyl glycyrrhetinate, Ectoine, Penetrating collagen, Damask rose flower water, centifolia rose flower extract, Vitamin B12.