Luxury White Cleansing Milk N

Luxury White

Cleansing Milk N

Rich cleansing milk that removes makeup stains firmly, while removing dirt and air pollutants in the back of pores.

In addition, the unique AO capsule and AP shield protect the skin from the effects of oxidative damage and air pollution, and keep the risk of skin aging away. After washing, the skin is smooth and bright.

Capacity: 200mL

Dullness skin Dryness skin Disordered texture
  • Firmly Removes Dirt & Old Keratin With Thick Milk.

    It is a milk-type cleansing that melts just by lightly blending, and removes makeup, dirt and air pollutants in the back of pores.

    Richly blended with beauty essence ingredients such as osmotic collagen and squalane. PCA Octil Dodecyl that promotes the synthesis of ceramide, lifts dirt and at the same time supports the barrier function of dry skin.

  • Supports Damage Resetting Power That Declines With Age.

    AP shield that protects the skin from air pollutants (such as exhaust gas, PM2.5, and cigarette smoke that adhere to the surface of the skin, active oxygen is generated, accelerating skin aging).

    Then, “AP Shield” forms an invisible protective film every time you cleanse. It improves the barrier function of the skin and keeps the risk of skin aging (pollutants) away.

    Moringa oleifera seed extract

    A peptide extracted from the seeds of the tropical plant “Moringa”. It has been used as a cosmetic and medicine since ancient times, and crushed seeds have an excellent purifying effect and are used to purify turbid water in rivers into drinking water.

    Arge extract

    Extract extracted from several kinds of seaweed. It has been confirmed that it has the effect of reducing the risk of mutagenicity (the property of damaging genes and causing mutations) of exhaust gas, which causes skin aging.

    Firmly off air pollutants

    Compare the detergency when applying fine particles of charcoal to the back of the hand and rinsing with water and when using Cleansing Milk N. Taken at 180x microscope image (according to AMPLEUR)

  • Thick Milk Type But Light For The Skin.

    A milk type that removes dirt but does not remove too much water and oil from the skin. The mellow and thick milk blends in well and gently removes makeup stains without straining the skin.

    A scent common to the Luxury White series, faint scent based on chamomile relaxes the skin and mind, and every time you use it, you feel rich and happy.

    Characteristic ingredients

    AO capsule (antioxidant component)

    It strengthens the resetting power of oxidative damage, which is the root cause of skin aging.

    Hydroquinone derivative (whitening ingredient)

    It leads to clear and bright skin.

    PCA Octildodecyl (barrier function support ingredient)

    It promotes the synthesis of ceramide and strengthens the barrier function.

    Placenta extract / osmotic collagen / squalane (moisturizing ingredient)

    It keeps the skin moisturized and makes it smooth and healthy.

  • Keep Bright Skin With Special Care Once or Twice A Week Using “French Cotton Method”.

    If you are concerned about the roughness or dullness of your skin, we recommend the French Cotton Method, which uses wet cotton (cotton that has been lightly squeezed with water) instead of rinsing. Cleans off old dead skin along with makeup stains. It wipes out dullness and roughness, and restores smooth and smooth skin with a sense of transparency.

    Glide the wet wipe in one direction and wipe it off without exerting any force so as not to irritate the skin as much as possible.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount (around 4-5 pushes) on a dry palm, and spread all over face with a gentle massaging motion. When dirt comes out, wipe off with a wet cotton pad, or rinse with cold or lukewarm water.


AP Shield, AO Capsule, Moringan Oleifera Seed Extract, Algae Extract, PCA Octyldecyl, Hydroquinone derivatives, Placenta Exract, Permeating Collagen, Squlane.