Luxury De-Age Line Serum Eye

Luxury De-Age

Line Serum Eye EX

Thorough repair of the eyes where signs of age are most likely to appear, such as skin deflation due to dryness and shadows under the eyes.

With a multifaceted approach using advanced beauty ingredients and lift care ingredients. Brings freshness and brightness the eyes.

Capacity: 20 g

Dryness skin Lack of tension Skin texture Wrinkle
  • Dedicated Treatment For The Eyes That Changes the Appearance Age With Care for Eye Zone Damage From Various Directions.

    Since the skin around the eyes is particularly thin, it is directly susceptible to damage such as dryness, aging, air pollution, and lack of sleep, and it is also a zone where age is noticeable. “Line Serum Eye EX” provides total care for aging signs such as lack of elasticity and shadows around the eyes with a complex approach, leading to youthful eyes.

  • Triple Power of Plant Stem Cells, GF, and Pure Raw Retinol, To A Confident Eye Zone That is Strong in Close Quarters

    Advanced aging care ingredients increase the volume of the eyes that have been deflated due to dryness and aging from the foundation of the skin. Increases the elasticity density around the eyes, leading to a plump and youthful impression.

    Realize the rich and firm feeling.

    Highly blended with sesame-derived “Sesa Flash”. A strong lift film is formed on the surface of the skin to give a quick and firm feeling and keep it for a long time.


    Haricare ingredients

    EGF, retinol, plant stem cells, self-maintenance peptides, sesaflush Gives plump firmness and moisture to the eyes.

    Moisturizing ingredients

    Osmotic collagen, carnosine Keeps dry skin moisturized.

    Muscle component

    Haroxyl, Iris It leads to clean, clear and bright eyes.

  • A Rich Texture That Gently Wraps Around The Delicate Eyes

    A texture that blends smoothly into the skin while being rich and rich.

    It is non-greasy and sticks tightly to shield the skin to firmly care for delicate eyes.

How to use

Use in the morning and evening after lotion and serum. Take an appropriate amount (1 push with both eyes) on your fingertips and gently spread it under the eyes and on the outer corners of the eyes. Please layer on the parts that you are particularly interested in.


Plan Stem Cells (Argan Cell Extract), Self-Maintenance Peptides (GF), Centella Asiatica Extract, Pure Retinol, Sesaflash, Penetrating Collagen, Placenta Extract, Iris, Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, Carnosine, Hydrolyzed Myrtus Communis Leaf Extract.