Luxury De-Age

Essence oil V

A two-layer oil that achieves freshness and high penetrating power.

The unique blend of oil layer and essence layer blends into the skin, and when used at the beginning of care, it gives a happy and firm skin.

Capacity: 30mL

Dryness skin Lack of tension Skin texture Wrinkle Pores
  • Beauty Oil That Leads to Glossy & Happy Skin

    AMPLEUR, has been developing a beauty oil that gives you a feeling of happiness, “glossy happy skin.” In order to eliminate the conventional image of “stickiness” peculiar to oil, we have realized a fresh and silky feel like a beauty essence. Just by adding it to your usual care, you can bring out the luster that oozes bouncy elasticity and happiness, and raises the effect of aging care.

  • Shiny Skin With Three Approaches

    1. Five kinds of natural oils that bring a rebounding elasticity and a lustrous shine, that keep the skin healthy and have an excellent moisturizing effect. With a texture that blends well with the skin, it penetrates smoothly into the skin of adults who tend to deflate. It softens the skin of modern women, who tend to become dry and hard due to UV rays, air pollution, stress, and improper care, while giving it a radiant luster.

    2. Delivering happy hormones “β-endorphin” to the skin and improving elasticity “EP capsule”. An extract derived from the plant “Chest Berry”, which has a similar effect, is encapsulated in nanocapsules. In cooperation with GF (growth factor), etc., it promotes turnover and gives a feeling of happiness and shine.

    3. “Cell Activate V Formula” to rebuild age skin from the foundation. Carefully selected advanced aging care ingredients such as GF and plant stem cells. It approaches the source of moisture and firmness, and revives powerful firmness from each cell.

    Other support ingredients

    Horny care

    Perfection peptide P3

    Skin conditioning

    VCIPs (oil-soluble vitamin C derivatives) Olive oil extract


    Vitamin E

    Water retention / cell activation

    Prickly pear cactus Pomegranate extract

  • Freshness that does not seem to be oil!

    Booster oil to use at the beginning of care.

    It is light and fits smoothly on the skin without stickiness or oil film feeling. By using it on clean skin after washing your face, it enhances the penetration of the next lotion and gives momentum to the repairing power of the skin.

How to use

After washing your face in the morning and evening, before applying lotion. Shake well so that the two layers are mixed, then push the button on the cap to pick up an appropriate amount and gently apply it from the entire face to the neck.


Argan Oil, Marula Oil, Bilberry Seed Oil, Squalane, Marula Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, KGF, Plant Stem Cells, Self-maintenance peptides, Swertia Chirata Extract, Chastaberrry.